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Discover a complete, intelligent ERP system with embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Enable quick, confident use of new features

Hundreds of companies in Hungary have to switch to the latest version of SAP, S4 HANA ERP, by 2027!

  • Built-in AI, analytics and intelligent process automation

  • Memory-based database and simplified data model

  • Capacities and best practices for a wide range of sectors

  • Consumer-level user experience and easily accessible personalized analytics

SAP S / 4HANA Cloud is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including MI, machine learning, and advanced analytics. It helps companies adopt new business models, manage business change quickly, align internal and external resources, and harness the predictive power of artificial intelligence. Enjoy the benefits of tight, native integration between processes, industry detail, and a consistent in-memory data model.

Discover the cloud ERP software for every business need

SAP S4 HANA capabilities

Asset management

Every physical asset or piece of equipment in your system requires specific attention to keep it running at peak performance. With enterprise asset management (EAM) software, you can tightly integrate processes for maintenance planning, scheduling, and execution – and maximize uptime. 


To be agile in a dynamic global market, everything must be completely aligned. Run intelligent, highly automated finance processes with cloud ERP software that unifies transactions, analytics, and planning.


Innovation can set you apart – if you’re able to manufacture in-demand products efficiently and profitably. With advanced ERP software for manufacturing, you can streamline your entire operation, gain visibility, and make confident decisions, from the boardroom to the factory floor.

R&D and engineering

How do you deliver personalized products, without being buried in complexity? Gain visibility across the product lifecycle – from R&D engineering to post-sale service. With connected digital processes and advanced PLM tools, you can unlock new value from your offerings.


How do you retain customers for life? By providing a seamless, personalized after-sales experience that anticipates and meets needs on any channel. Earn customer loyalty with quick resolution times and gather feedback with customer service capabilities in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


Visibility is key to identifying the right mix of suppliers and reducing supply risk. Our automated sourcing and procurement management software helps streamline your processes – while delivering near-real-time insights into organizational spend, suppliers, and market information.

Supply chain

At a time where supply uncertainty is at an all-time high, agility is the name of the game. Nimble companies stand to gain a significant advantage – so it’s time to discover cloud software that helps create a dynamic and connected supply chain.


To close more deals than the competition, you need the right sales software. Our cloud ERP software for sales provides intelligent tools and insights to help you improve all of your sales activities, grow revenue, win over more customers – and ultimately stay a step ahead of everyone else. 

The engine of industry transformation

Take advantage of the opportunities

Beneficial in terms of revenue

Continuous growth with new digital business models and fully automated processes.

Hold every moment in your hand

Advantageous to the result

Continuous performance with instant information and actionable analysis.

Set a new norm


It is beneficial for green priorities

Constantly raise sustainability standards with industry best practices.

S4 HANA conversion

If your company is already using SAP ERP system and have already thought about the S4 HANA conversion, we have great news for you! Techwave has developed a 15-steps, full conversion  accompanying support and funding package.

Our company with 23 years of experience will accompany you through the entire conversion process. Our goal is to provide our customers with:

  1. They know why you should switch

  2. They can prepare in time

  3. The best decision is made

  4. They can really try the new system

  5. All professionals must be booked in a timely manner

  6. Do not apply for the full cost at once

SAP HANA new implementation or conversion

Green field

Brown field

Blue field

  • completely  new  installation

  • Activate  methodology

  • best  practice  loading

  • gap  analysis master data conversion

  • customization  and opening data  migration

ECC6 conversion, both for master data and documents, for stable processes without the need for data cleansing

ECC6 conversion, only  personalization and the strictly necessary master data associated with it  conversion

  • Advantage: clean sheet, processes can be rethought

  • Disadvantage: the hassle of introducing a completely new system, migration, etc.,  

  • Advantage: in principle, the function is the same

  • Disadvantage: it is not necessarily possible for a function to be the same, it does not include data cleansing, everything comes through when it needs to, if not, the difficulty of the past data and process remains.  

  • Advantage: in principle the function is the same, but the processes can be rethought to a certain extent (not recommended due to complexities only if the existing processes  stable)   

  • Disadvantage: can't function the same necessarily due to version difference. Attempting on processes can ultimately result in a full or partial BPR that can fail as a task during the project.

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