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Techwave Cloud™

  • Test hosting

  • Complete SAP hosting

  • Upgrade hosting

  • SAP framework hosting

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12 Reasons to Choose Techwave Hungary?

  1. THE  Techwave  Hungary has been offering a full 20+ years  scope  operating services for SAP systems.

  2. SAP Advanced  Hosting  Partner 's rating is  Middle East  in the European region

  3. Its data centers guarantee the highest level of technology and security

  4. International and regional  Help  Desk  with qualified SAP support consultants

  5. It provides international experience and quality at an affordable price

  6. Advanced grade SAP  Hosting  has been certified since 2002

  7. Its solutions and services are exclusive to SAP

  8. More than seventy customers have been in the  Techwave  He chose Hungary

  9. All-inclusive SAP  hosting  offers a service to ensure efficient and smooth business operations

  10. It already operates more than 100 central SAP systems

  11. Works with ITIL-based support processes

  12. It already provides SAP services in 9 countries

The service includes:

  • Servers;

  • Data center hosting of servers;

  • 24 x 7 availability of the SAP system;

  • Monthly Service Level Report;

  • Free transport of trial configurations to a later test environment;

  • Flexible constructions in terms of maturity and fees;


Secure your SAP system!


  • Have you ever faced the following challenges with your SAP application?

  • Are you concerned about the physical security of servers that store your business-critical data?

  • Is the regularity and security of data backups unresolved?

  • Does a slow or unexpected system shutdown cause business outages?

  • Is it difficult for IT colleagues to keep up with the technological advancement dictated by SAP due to their excessive workload?

  • Opening new locations, starting new business activities, or increasing business volume is immediately available and scalable on demand  infrastructural  do you want an environment?

  • Do you want to get rid of unexpected expenses and the burden of larger investments?

What does SAP Hosting offer you?

THE  Techwave  Hungary SAP  Your hosting service takes the burden of SAP operations off your shoulders and guarantees secure operation.

  • Data and physical security

  • High security data centers

  • Login authentication

  • Guaranteed uninterruptible power supply

  • 24 × 7 hour server  operation

  • Redundant save of data to different physical locations

  • Operation without data loss


  • Professional handling of ever-changing needs due to changes in the business environment

  • Solve problems quickly

  • Flexible service packages tailored to individual needs


  • SAP audited technology and processes

  • ISO certification for operational processes

  • ITIL standard operation

  • Examined professionals


  • Contractual warranty

  • Penalty - in case of defective performance

Expert support available at all times

  • Central  helpdesk  with constant availability

  • Continuous availability of trained professionals

  • High quality customer service system also available on the WEB

  • Multilevel support organization

Operational safety

  • Guaranteed system availability

  • High reliability hardware environment

  • Operation according to SAP standards

Predictable prices

  • There is no lump sum high cost

  • Forward  plannable  monthly fees

  • The service fee is an expense

Benefits of the service

  • Professional  -  unlimited high level of IT expertise and capacity

  • Fast  - immediately available, experienced help

  • Flexible  - always to the business needs that arise  appropriate support

  • Reliable  - permanent assurance of the quality of service undertaken in the contract

  • Safe  - guaranteeing a high level of data security

  • Scalable  - a freely expandable solution in all respects

  • Cost-efficient  - cheaper and safer solution

  • Service provider liability  - assumption of operational risk

  • No investment  - capital released for alternative use

  • Planned costs  Transparent costs that can be accurately calculated in advance

  • Hassle-free ERP-IT  - focus on the main business

  • Leading technology  - always ensuring the highest technological standards

  • Operating cost  - eligible service cost, not an asset

Our upgrade hosting service includes:

  • Get to know the content of a live SAP application;

  • Existing content is new  environmental  test;

  • Change request handling;

  • Until the start of live operation  helpdesk  service and error / problem ticket handling;

  • Monthly Service Level Report;

  • Servers;

  • Data center hosting of servers;

  • 24 x 7 availability of the SAP system;

  • Free transport of trial configurations to a later productive environment;

  • Flexible constructions in terms of maturity and fees.


Test  hosting  Our service is the most cost-effective way to evaluate and test new SAP applications. The system environment in which the application evaluation project can begin can be set up in just days for the customer. No additional investment is required, no internal resource reallocation is required, and the system can be deployed quickly and securely and accessed through VPN Internet or a leased line. The customer can only focus on selecting the software without having to deal with infrastructure and organizational tasks.

You want to try it  a new SAP component or function  before  do you decide to buy it?

Are you about to change? Do you want a fast and cost-effective solution? 


Upgrade  hosting  as part of our service  SAP upgrade projects  we provide the need for temporary hardware infrastructure,  so  You do not have to  perform a hardware upgrade that becomes unnecessary later. In addition, the  Techwave  it also provides IT change management knowledge and expertise covering all technological elements in line with the customer's migration plans, in the form of a flexible service package.

The company 's internal rules do not allow that

provide useful SAP-based services from outside the company's internal network?


Don't have the competence to set up an SAP framework to operate?

What is the SAP framework?

Following the rapidly changing business needs and technological changes, SAP now offers a number of R / 3 switchable or even independent products in addition to the well-known R / 3 system. An example is LSO (Learning  Solution) distance learning and examination system, SAP portal, WEB-shop, or even BI and CRM.

         To protect business data, many large companies have strict internal policies that prohibit access to the company’s internal network from the outside. The rule is understandable and useful, but it makes it impossible for systems that are not of excessive business importance to be accessible from the outside. This measure can prevent users from logging in from anywhere to perform their own activities, even in large numbers, independently of different activities that are useful to the company. (e.g. training, examinations, career development).
        It can also be a problem that a company would like to take advantage of innovative features but does not have the in-house knowledge and experience to set up and operate the system, or simply lacks the budget for it.

Recommended for those who:

THE  Techwave  SAP Framework Service provides a solution to the above problems. In a cost-effective model, we can set up and operate frameworks based on new SAP technologies in a short period of time, even for a transitional period.

  • They don’t want to learn, just use it as soon as possible

  • I want to supplement their corporate IT services cost-effectively

  • Due to strict internal controls, they do not have the option to design

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