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SAP S4 HANA Trial-as-a-Service™

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When may You need the survey?

This Trial-as-a-Service gives you the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the new system, the new architecture (e.g. in the accounting section) and the new features, the new look (Fiori).  It allows you to work with real data by migrating a limited amount of data. Help  gain experience  on the complexity of developing new features  and the migration of existing processes  connection.

As a result of the SAP Wellness package, after assessing the operational characteristics and problems experienced in the company's infrastructure, operation and SAP application side / functional areas, a proposal is made that will help and make further operations more efficient. Costs can be reduced, the flow of information within the company is improved, and the response time to change changes within business processes will be faster.

Who do we recommend it to?


  • presents the most significant changes in SAP S4 HANA

  • provides documentation of installed "Best Practices" business content

  • describes the selected business processes

  • helps you create a dedicated test environment

  • modifies the organizational structure and uploads the master data

  • with standard customization  adjusts the process of best practices  for individual business requirements

  • provides on-site and remote consulting (customization, development, Fiori applications / integrations, BI reports, etc.)


The S4 HANA system is an on-site version 202 that  own  from Budapest  nearshore  runs in our data center (an environment protected and certified by SAP). During the trial period a  Techwave  offers advice and support.

The trial can start 3-4 weeks after the order, the minimum trial period is 6 months, which can be extended.

You can access the latest SAP S / 4HANA 2020 environment, SAP Best  Practices  2020 version of the  Techwave  dedicated and  hosted  By providing an S4H test environment.

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