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SAP Wellness ™

SAP Wellness is an intellectual product based on the experience of SAP-based, consulting, sales, and project managers, and examines the extent to which SAP's business functionality is exploited, examines SAP's current software requirements, and provides analysis. software costs. In addition, SAP is also investigating  performance, SAP operational and security elements, and the extent to which they perform as expected and could be improved.

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In addition, it examines how SAP knowledge management works within the company, and how this could be further expanded by involving its own and external resources.

Together, the implementation of proposals and action plans for each area can reduce operating costs, increase integration between processes and increase the utilization and efficiency of the SAP system, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Tasks and results

  • The cost of SAP operation and license maintenance is high

  • Tracking business changes is complicated and difficult

  • To SAP  return on investment is difficult to prove

  • The structure of operation and the integrated operation of processes are difficult to see

  • Incomplete  application  knowledge is vulnerable to SAP operating companies

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Business advantages

  • Reduction of operating costs

  • Optimize license maintenance costs

  • Improving the transparency of business processes,   

  • Improved lead times

  • Improving the quality of some business and support processes

  • Optimizing the use of human resources

  • Reduction of operational risk

  • Increase user satisfaction 

As a result of the SAP Wellness package, after assessing the operational characteristics and problems experienced in the company's infrastructure, operation and SAP application side / functional areas, a proposal is made that will help and make further operations more efficient. Costs can be reduced, the flow of information within the company is improved, and the response time to change changes within business processes will be faster.


Who do we recommend it to?

The SAP Wellness audit package helps you optimize your company's SAP functionality, identify integration connections, and create more efficient IT support. The result of the audit package is an objective picture of the state of the SAP system, providing clear, comparable indicators for each of the areas examined, showing future opportunities and the steps required for the company to achieve its goals. It also makes suggestions for defining future SAP development directions. 


The SAP Wellness package, Internal Function Audit, helps you rethink your current IT organizational, security and  in progress  operation and highlights rethinking elements of IT security. In addition, IT management will be kept informed of the latest developments in the SAP world, and the company will have the opportunity to work out where it wants to see itself in a few years, and what steps it will need to take to do so.


SAP is an integrated enterprise management system, and it is worth updating your knowledge to make the most of its functionality, and this audit is a great help in this. It shows the potential of the system and the unused integration points during its operation. At the same time, the proposed internal SAP knowledge transfer makes the flow and exchange of information within the company more efficient, and helps to highlight that SAP operations can be improved in a number of ways.

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