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Techwave SAP SMART™ solutions - Production

You are looking for an IT solution that  to support

high volume, fast and  smooth sales? 

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Techwave SAP SMART™ solutions

THE  Techwave  Hungary is SAP based  commercial solution  in addition to general corporate governance tasks, a  it focuses on the special processes of wholesalers and retailers, providing continuous economic analysis, support for sourcing, inventory and inventory management, and the operation of an increasingly indispensable web store in addition to sales, pricing, inventory, and invoicing.

  • The cost of SAP operation and license maintenance is high

  • Tracking business changes is complicated and difficult

  • To SAP  return on investment is difficult to prove

  • The structure of operation and the integrated operation of processes are difficult to see

  • Incomplete  application  knowledge is vulnerable to SAP operating companies

"Smart Enterprise

for Production"

Business advantages

  • Reduction of operating costs

  • Optimize license maintenance costs

  • Improving the transparency of business processes,   

  • Improved lead times

  • Improving the quality of some business and support processes

  • Optimizing the use of human resources

  • Reduction of operational risk

  • Increase user satisfaction 


The system incorporates the experience and best business practices of countless previous clients that have proven their effectiveness around the world. The solution can be implemented in a few months, is well scalable, easily connected to other systems, and does not require an internal IT team-hosting  in case of using our service. THE  To implement an SAP Merchant solution  Tender Support  up to 50% of the investment cost for SMEs.

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