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co-worker to see exactly what

their authority, responsibility, task

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Problems, that brought the system to life:

We have often found, that leaders say clear visions, missions, and strategies what drives the organization and shows, that processes are clean. When we ask what exactly these are, we usually get as many kinds of answers from the employees.

Just a simple example:​

If we buy a washing machine for one hundred thousand forints, a detailed description will be added. If we get a team of 10 people, in fair value of up to hundreds of millions, pretty slowly, in months, we will (maybe) realize what our leadership job really is. Of course, we can find descriptions in one of the cabinets on the 2nd floor meeting room, or on drive 4, but these are unfortunately out of date and difficult to find.  are transparent

You get help - but it’s still hard to navigate.

The larger the organization, the more the importance of internal diplomacy and relations comes to the fore compared to real performance.


In the 30 years since we worked with the organization, we have seen and helped resolve countless corporate conflicts. Unfortunately, regardless of the resolution of conflicts at the phenomenon level, the root cause will still remain in the system. And this - almost always - reproduces conflicts. (For example, if I want the 49kg Juliska and the 110kg Sándor to be eternal enemies, just give them a climate controller: “set it up the best for you” and we’ve already secured the conflict Unfortunately, most organizations are full of such “unregulated climate regulators”).

With proactive, forward-thinking behavior, we can be much more effective at the social, corporate, and individual levels. For example, it is better to check the warranty of a fire extinguisher regularly than to notice on the ruins of a burned house that it has not worked because it has expired.


  • transparent performance structure,

  • motivating and determined management,

  • results-oriented operation,

  • a detailed documented management model,

  • systematic operation,

  • implementation of the strategy also at the operational level,

  • a higher level of acceptance by managers,

  • transparency of the workflows that generate the results,

  • higher level of cooperation

  • managers / leaders

  • managers / staff

  • between staff / staff,

  • easier and faster learning for new leaders,

  • uniform operation.

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