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Techwave SAP SMART™ solutions - Municipality

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Techwave SAP SMART™ solutions

Techwave  Hungary has developed it based on the best domestic and international administrative institutional experience  Smart  Enterprise  for  Municipality  complete business solution.  Developed for public sector organizations and companies  SAP based solution  it can be introduced in a short time and used in a flexible financial construction.

In addition to its fast learning  supports integrated processes, simplifies service-oriented administration,  and in all cases provides the information needed for planning and decision making. Provides full process integration, controlling institutional governance, direct and fast data delivery, and  continuous and up-to-date monitoring of usable budgets.

"Smart Enterprise for Municipality"

Our experts constantly monitor the application support opportunities related to IT investments, and if required, we can also provide experienced application writing assistance to write a successful application.  Inquire about application opportunities and how to apply  suitability.  From our newsletter  you can be constantly informed about the opening applications, as well as about the information and events related to the SAP system.

Special production-related functions of the solution per module:

  • Reduction of operating costs

  • Optimize license maintenance costs

  • Improving the transparency of business processes,   

  • Improved lead times

  • Improving the quality of some business and support processes

  • Optimizing the use of human resources

  • Reduction of operational risk

  • Increase user satisfaction 

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