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Techwave SAP SMART™ solutions - Production

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Techwave SAP SMART™ solutions

THE  Smart  Enterprise  for  University  so pre-parameterized, SAP based  higher education institution management solution that meets both the  budget accounting and business accounting standards. The solution combines the operational experience of many domestic and international colleges and universities and can be implemented quickly.
THE  Smart  University  makes the management of the institution efficient and transparent, a  continuous and up-to-date monitoring of the usable budget and budget management.

"Smart Enterprise

for Production"

There's an opportunity for  controlling institutional governance, examining costs and profitability by different sectors and sub-units,  reporting directly to supervisors and up-to-date student records. In addition, the system can be used for educational purposes in management courses.

Our experts constantly monitor the application support opportunities related to IT investments, and if required, we can also provide experienced application writing assistance to write a successful application. 

Business advantages

  • Reduction of operating costs

  • Optimize license maintenance costs

  • Improving the transparency of business processes,   

  • Improved lead times

  • Improving the quality of some business and support processes

  • Optimizing the use of human resources

  • Reduction of operational risk

  • Increase user satisfaction 

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