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Techwave-mndwrk Digital Health Check™

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Assessing the IT status of companies with a multi-dimensional quick survey, along the processes of the entire business model in the light of the customer experience.



  • Managers of small and medium-sized companies who want to delegate their tasks in a controllable way prefer SAP Business  One software that  transparent,  and always contains up - to - date records a  about stocks,  the company  financial  and all customer data.

  • Accurate cost estimates enable the development of a product portfolio that provides predictable and measurable coverage and guarantees the most profitable profitability

  • Data is up to date anytime, anywhere  are available  for making decisions and running the company. With the free iPhone / iPad app, managers can gain complete insight into how a company works remotely; in the same way, dealers have access to vital data about their customers and inventory.

  • Real-time communication between sites has been resolved, and even a  international  subsidiaries - the software supports most European languages.

Digital Health Check - CX maturity assessment

Our offer aims to show you, through an expert review, what characterizes your company's / business processes today, their automation, and to make suggestions for exploiting the potential hidden potential in the short, medium and long term.

  • Currently, the most important area of digital transformation is the digital customer experience. 

  • It is no exaggeration to say that market competition is becoming more and more important in this area, so a significant part of corporate IT strategies and budgets are already focused here. 

  • With the help of the condition survey we offer, you can find out what level of maturity your current processes and tools represent compared to international industry practices, and you can also get suggestions for directions for developments related to the digital customer experience.

Fast and comprehensive health assessment to take advantage of the digital customer experience

But what questions do companies themselves have to ask?

  • Do corporate processes follow an internal organizational logic or your customer?

  • Does the company have a written sales, customer onboarding, and customer tracking process?

  • Does the company have metrics and related targets for conversions between sales phases?

  • Whether the company implements a complete measurement of customer satisfaction  customer  journey  during? If so, are the results used in the processes  when redesigning? 

  • Does the company exchange information between departments for an optimal and consistent customer experience?

  • Does the company know its customers about segments and “personalities”?  broken down? Do you know how it relates to their lives, work, processes?

  • Does the company know what direction the market is heading to better serve customers?

If you want to provide a real customer experience, digitization is inevitable. 

Agenda, timing and resource plan

  1. Comparison of business model and business expectations, study  survey as an external observer,  business process mapping,  process level comparator  analysis (Current status? / What could be?)

  2. Workshop  1.  involving internal decision makers

  3. Handing over questionnaires for in-depth analysis of processes

  4. Assessing IT support for business processes  exploring current tools, finding industry best practices, possible solutions  collection and analysis,  local market analysis / examination of competitors,   optimal proposition  the steps of the modernization that can be carried out

  5. Workshop  2.  Presentation of the study

Duration and location:  Approximately 24 hours, online and / or on-site

Client-side spend:  max. 6 hours / decision maker

Participants:  Expert in 4-6 IT and business sites

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