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SAP HANA operation

Techwave  SAP Innovations

Our company, as the first SAP partner in the world and the 14th in the world, has successfully proven that it can quickly and efficiently acquire even revolutionary new technologies. For the first time, the Hungarian company presented its own SAP HANA service developments and capabilities at the current special screening. In recognition of this, the “Certified  Provider  of SAP HANA  Operations  Services ”is associated with an SAP-developed software product that enables revolutionary and efficient business applications through in-memory database management, even for large amounts of data (Big Data).

SAP's fastest growing product

SAP HANA is one of the fastest growing products in the history of SAP, and it is a real breakthrough in memory-based database applications. SAP HANA accelerates analytics and applications on a single memory-based platform by combining databases and data processing and application platform-related features.


SAP HANA is the latest generation business platform that combines

  • business transactions,

  • advanced analytics,

  • social media,

  • the experience of using mobile devices,

  • cooperative business, and

  • design relationships.

Benefits of the service

1. Speed

2. Real time

3. Any information

4. Any source

5. Conclusions -  from complex, predictive analyzes

You may be wondering what all this is good for: how SAP HANA could benefit your business, or just how it could increase your company’s profits. The following are ten key arguments in favor of introducing SAP HANA.

6. Innovation 

7. Simplicity - Fewer levels, simpler structure, lower cost

8. Cloud

9. Costs

10. Risk reduction

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is a memory-based database (IMDB)

A memory-based database is all about storing all the data in memory (RAM), meaning we don't waste time transferring data from the hard drive to RAM.  by loading. Everything is always in main memory  is so a  using a memory-based database, complex computer operations are not performed at the application level, but are transferred to the database.


SAP HANA has a multi-engine query management environment for managing relational, graphical, and textual data within the same system. Its various features significantly increase processing speed and handle large data sets and text mining functions well.

SAP HANA services

  1. HANA  Hosting  & Cloud Services

  2. HANA application development & operation

  3. HANA strategy and evaluation consulting

  4. HANA upgrade and data migration services

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