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Techwave S4 HANA Smart Coversion Journey

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There are several findings in this regard ...

Hundreds of companies in Hungary have to switch to the latest version of SAP, S4 HANA ERP, by 2027!

  • SAP is no longer investing in our current software

  • SAP consulting resources have dropped to critically low levels

  • The internal operation of SAP systems is less and less likely to be provided at a brutal cost level

  • SAP is only bringing cloud-based solutions to market

  • The server hardware must be constantly expanded,

  • The scalability of the business is gaining more and more emphasis

  • Outside of the SAP world, we can almost find cloud-based vendors,

SAP S4 HANA is a smart migration journey that is the path to professional foresight, warranty and financial planning.

Techwave's answer for these questions

Our company with 23 years of experience will accompany you through the entire conversion process. Our goal is to provide our customers with:

  1. They know why you should switch

  2. They can prepare in time

  3. The best decision is made

  4. They can really try the new system

  5. All professionals must be booked in a timely manner

  6. Do not apply for the full cost at once

... and questions are also being arised from decision-makers , although many are still waiting

  1. How much do we know about the new system?

  2. Timing ... when should I move?

  3. How long does it take to prepare and convert?

  4. Are there as many benefits from conversion as there are problems?

  5. What is the extent of the transition? (blue / green / brown)

  6. Infra-red  around S4 HANA ... what exactly do you need?

  7. Where will the appropriate operational competence come from?

  8. Will there be enough conversion capacity and the right quality of consulting?

SAP S4 HANA Smart Migration Journey stations

You can request our service with partial and full board,

but a tour guide will definitely come with it! :-)

OnDemand  package (Section ticket)

All  inclusive  package (Season ticket)

Vintage Map Transparency

1. Should I switch?

ECC present audit 

How much you use

out of current SAP


S4 functional  tutorial

Because he knows more

the new system?

S4  demo  trial

With my own data,

“Best  Practices ”



With own data, from 6+ months, in a hosted environment, as a service

Vintage Map Transparency

2. How to switch?

Mapping migration options

(Reports developed by SAP

with the help of)

Conversion readiness check

(Reports developed by SAP

with the help of)

Test conversion

(Reports developed by SAP

with the help of)

Vintage Map Transparency

3. How much does it cost?

Make a quote

Estimated based on information obtained

Financing package

Hosted  trial (TaaS) request as a condition 

Conversion calendar

Pre-inclusion of implementation

Recruitment of professionals

providing the necessary knowledge and expertise

4. When to switch?

Vintage Map Transparency

5. What do you need to live together?

HW Infra need

Infra  need  based on survey, HW  infra offer

Operation, support

Base and HW


Professional training

Expertise  acquisition,


Cloudy / Hosted Infra

Alternative  Infra


S4 HANA Smart Conversion Journey Stages

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