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SAP Customer eXperience

SAP CX portfolio

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Real time 360 view & contact with your customers

We want to enable you to build lasting and current relationships with your customers - relationships that start long before they buy something and ensure you are their preferred supplier and partner in the digital transformation.


Our products help customers have a consistent and personalized experience across all channels and devices. It doesn't matter where you are in the purchasing process: with SAP C / 4HANA, you can use real-time customer and industry information to keep your customer experience personal and relevant at all times.

SAP Marketing Cloud

In our digitalized world, customers are increasingly turning their attention to merchants who provide personalized service in the huge marketing noise. With SAP Marketing Cloud, you will be able to provide a great customer experience for your customers. Today, merchants face the problem that customer data is scattered in different places. For a trading company, there are on average 15 different data sources / systems where customer data is generated. How do we handle and use this mass of data? How do we get a consistent database while the data available about the customer may be different in each channel?



If we want to rebuild marketing and use data that exists in different contexts, we need to solve the data problem. So new marketing:


CONSISTENT at all points of contact and channels.

We need to be able to collect data from a variety of channels and summarize it - in real time - and make it available to marketing.

CONTEXT DEPENDENT - broken down by customers

We need to notice the moment the buyer is interested and know exactly what he is interested in and how we can contact him. This will transform many, many businesses and make it extremely easy for customers to access the products they just need.

RELEVANT and unique to the customer at the moment

If we are able to provide the customer with relevant information just when they want to contact us, we will surprise them and this will fundamentally determine our image of our business.

We’ve always learned to listen twice as much as we talk as a salesperson - and as a marketer. With the help of SAP Marketing Cloud, this is now easy to accomplish.

Make 3 important changes to your business

1. Provide a great customer experience

Our solutions help companies deliver a relevant, context-sensitive customer experience across all customer contact points and channels - in real time. This means that with the information available about your customers, you can personalize each interaction and provide a consistent, great experience.

2. Simplify customer service

When it comes to the systems you use for your business, the simpler the better. Using a comprehensive approach to customer relationships and commerce, our products open up the opportunity to optimize both the business and customer experience while reducing cost, time and complexity.

3. Improve to stay competitive

From opening new channels through innovative business models to entering new markets, we give you the tools to experiment and respond quickly to changing market conditions so you can be competitive.

SAP Customer Experience (CX)

Build close relationships with your customers with the C4/HANA Cloud Solutions suite portfolio, connecting sales, service, marketing and e-commerce processes to create a personalized customer experience.

This suite combines customer information and operational and experiential data with the power of smart technologies for achieving a strong connection that will keep customers for life.

solution to the loss of the market

or acquisition may be delayed

Software solutions

Learn about fourth generation CRM. Designed for cutting-edge business models, SAP C / 4HANA combines customer data, machine learning, and a modular architecture to deliver a real-time customer experience in sales, service, marketing, and commerce, and beyond.

SAP Sales Cloud

Customers are more informed, connected to social networks, and switch products, services, and suppliers more easily than ever before. And more importantly, they start collecting information online through business and social channels long before they get in touch with the salesperson. Thus, sellers are excluded from more than 50% of the buying process.

In order to maintain customer interest, sellers now need to have a thorough understanding of their customers ’business and convey new ideas so that their business partners can take them into account in the buying process.


Challenges in sales

  • There is no immediate access to the information

  • There is a lack of quick access to relevant customer data

  • Insufficient mobile access on / offline

  • There is no real-time view of the business

  • SAP Sales Cloud Capabilities

  • Mobility and user experience

  • Unified support for all mobile devices and platforms

  • Important data offline

  • Modern, simplified user experience, role-based, personalized


  • Sales anywhere

  • Enable salespeople to sell more, anywhere, anytime, on any device, with or without an Internet connection.


  • Unified support for all mobile devices and platforms

  • 360-degree customer view on all channels including front and back office (eg SAP ERP data)

  • Full SFA function: customers, contacts, activities, opportunities, quotes, orders

  • Predictive analytics explores new business opportunities and identifies key influencers

  • Built-in integration: MS Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes

  • Cooperation and social skills

  • Flexible dashboards, ad-hoc and custom reports

SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud will be able to provide exactly the required information and service to its customers through the right channel, providing high-quality customer service and a customer experience from contact to complaint handling.



  • Community Collaboration: Create a round-the-clock community support forum that facilitates collaborative information transfer and problem solving so your customers get responses from forums and groups.

  • Internal Collaboration: Provide your customer service staff with easy access to key information and expertise so they can resolve customer issues faster.

  • Knowledge Base: Publish all product information, problem-solving information, and expert advice in a single interface, making it easily accessible both internally and externally.

  • Omnichannel / Social Media Monitoring: Whether the customer asks a question via phone, online chat, web, or email, the customer service representative sees all the dialogue in a single window, so it’s always in the picture. Make social media part of your customer service. Switch quickly and easily from social channels to traditional customer service channels, and combine social data with in-house data to create a complete customer profile.

  • Workflow: Easy-to-use workflow rules make it easy to decide the best course of action for a customer request - categorize them as e.g. question, complaint, praise, and then ensure that the right customer service representative handles it for the best results.

  • Analytics: Use in-depth analytics to gain insight into the performance of your customer service team to see response times and problem resolution speeds, and use trend forecasting to draw your colleagues ’attention to the types of case you are expecting.

  • Mobility: Outgoing service professionals and managers have access to information on the go, even offline, to determine what to do on the spot and check the performance of colleagues.

  • Resource Allocation: Respond to changing needs with easily changeable work scheduling tables to send the most qualified person to the site at the right time for the customer.

  • Warranty / SLA Management: Manage complex on-site service activities, from work orders and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), through contracts, warranties, to replacement parts.

  • Internet of Things: Switch from a reactive to a predictive way of working in terms of maintenance and repair. Use real-time data and complex analytics from machines to determine machine status to predict and prevent failures.

  • Self-Service Customer Portal: Offer your customers even more freedom by managing their service through a branded, self-service customer service portal. Give your customers the ability to create new tickets and check the status of existing tickets. Give your customers access to your corporate knowledge base.

  • ERP Integration: Easily access real-time back office information and gain complete insight to always make the best possible decisions on customer service issues. See a complete customer history, including recent orders and financial accomplishments. Synchronize master data for consistency of customer, contact, and product information.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Customers communicate with retailers in a variety of ways: online, over the phone, on a mobile device, and in-store. Meanwhile, at every contact from purchase through orders to product returns, the merchant is expected to be fully aware of the details of the transaction and to respond to customer needs without delay.

The key to effective B2C commerce is that customers are amazingly easy to find, learn about, and purchase. The key to profitable B2C commerce lies in systems that are easy to manage and that combine customer interactions and transactions for any product, brand, geographic area, and sales channel. SAP Commerce Cloud B2C Commerce offers the best of both worlds.

  • Increase your average order value with a personalized product range, offers and promotions.

  • Provide personalized and targeted content based on consumer behavior, characteristics, and enhanced customer segmentation.

  • Increase usability and conversion rates through guided search and navigation, transparent product comparisons, and dynamic landing pages

  • Use the community commerce feature to engage in dialogue with customers, drive traffic, and create opportunities for overselling.

  • Accelerate product launch and reduce operating costs with centralized, unified content management across all channels.

  • Increase traffic with integrated search engine optimization.

  • Enhance product descriptions and create engaging customer interactions with advanced digital device management.

  • Achieve efficient, cross-channel delivery through click-and-collect, partial fulfillment, multi-warehouse delivery, and return handling.

  • It allows additional channels - such as mobile, print, call center, etc. - introduction as part of a single platform.

  • Integrated customer service increases customer satisfaction and increases sales.

  • Best scalability, flexibility, and performance among web stores in a high-volume, high-transaction environment.

  • It supports the operation of multiple stores on a single platform for a multi-business and multi-brand strategy.

  • “Future-proof” adaptability through flexibility and scalability.

Customer engagement platform used by leading brands   and innovative marketers around the world

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