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SAP Business One - Techwave Smart SBO™

SAP Business  Yours  - the market-leading integrated corporate governance system that covers the company every business process and is always up to date.

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Do you want order and transparency in your business processes? Want to be at the forefront of the market with market-leading business software?

Where the SAP SBO can help?

  • Managers of small and medium-sized companies who want to delegate their tasks in a controllable way prefer SAP Business  One software that  transparent,  and always contains up - to - date records a  about stocks,  the company  financial  and all customer data.

  • Accurate cost estimates enable the development of a product portfolio that provides predictable and measurable coverage and guarantees the most profitable profitability

  • Data is up to date anytime, anywhere  are available  for making decisions and running the company. With the free iPhone / iPad app, managers can gain complete insight into how a company works remotely; in the same way, dealers have access to vital data about their customers and inventory.

  • Real-time communication between sites has been resolved, and even a  international  subsidiaries - the software supports most European languages.

  • System operation  flexibly  it can be adapted to the special needs of the users or the company, usually without programming, or special additional modules can be added as required  to develop or select from the existing ones.

  • It is important that the software is closed source, so the original software code cannot be changed, it can only be added. Therefore, SAP Business  Yours  extremely stable, reliable ERP system.

  • More than 100  SAP Business  Yours  over the past 10 years, our consultants have been involved in trading, service, construction and manufacturing businesses of various profiles.

  • SAP  internationally  the most widely used, market-leading integrated system, which will be available in 10 years. No more vulnerability for 1-2 developers.

  • Its use alone increases the confidence of any business or company in its business  value if sold.

  • It's all unique  price / value  coupled with ratio. In Hungarian: compared to your knowledge, it is not expensive at all and you can apply for it.

  • Uses the  Techwave  various industry extensions to manage your special processes.

THE  Techwave  the  Hungarian  SME  companies  needs  optimized,  forward  done  "best  practice "  based  with parameterization  and  process  design  having  SAP  Business  Yours  corporate governance  system,  and  its  fast  introduction  supportive  methodology. 

What is Smart SBO ™?

Why worth to buy and implement the Smart SBO™ solution?

The system can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. Individual milestones, deadlines and costs can be accurately planned and implemented as planned. Avoid risks: no need to face ongoing unplanned expenses and deadlines

Who is the main target group?

Commercial companies with 5-15 users in the first place.

However, the product is designed to be suitable for further expansion, e.g. also for managing the business processes of manufacturing and service companies. 

Is it possible to meet individual needs?

The  Smart  SBO can be further expanded flexibly, but this is not part of the package, we can handle such needs on a separate basis. 

What is the expected cost of deployment?

The total cost of a 5-user system is HUF 6-7 million + VAT, depending on the license type, which does not include the price of the server. 

How big  the planned implementation time?

1-2 months depending on the number of users and the amount of opening data to be loaded. 

What server and system software do you need

the system and what does it cost?

  • 96+ GB RAM, 600-800 GB SSD in RAID,

  • Processor: 2 x Intel  Skylake  SP, or  Cascade  Lake SP

  • Virtualization environment:  VMWare, 

  • Operating system: SUSE Linux license - SLES X86 2  SocketStandard  Subscription  3  years, 

  • Terminal server  operating system: Windows Server 2016, HANA  database manager (with SAP license  shipped), 

  • Gigabit  ethernet  network required  it is recommended to combine two or more adapters

  • depending on the type of such  configuration server  price  1.5-2.5 m HUF +  VAT. 

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