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Techwave NavOnline™ solutions

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In short

Techwave  Hungary  Zrt. has developed its own NAV On-line invoice solution, which can be used by any company using the SAP system * for a one-time fee, in order to be able to provide electronic data for invoices containing or exceeding HUF 100,000 from 1 July 2018.

Members of the family

NavOnline  - self-developed invoice sender

NavLoader  - the account data downloader

NavModer  - the bulk account modifier

NavRator  - the integration tool

NavCasco  - the subscription service

Functional units of the NavOnline ™ basic solution

Mapping  program

  • NAV binds the existing fields in the system to the required content according to the XML specification (SAP XML download solution must work in the system)

XML generation program

  • Prepares the XML structure for the sending interface according to the NAV specification

Interface program

  • A program for sending and receiving data between the SAP system and NAV

  • Protocol compliant with NAV specification

  • For versions below SAP 6.0, it communicates with the external XML sender

  • It automatically sends the generated invoice

Monitoring program

  • User interface within SAP system

  • The success of the transmission can be checked

  • NAV ID for sent invoice

  • You can select an invoice to send

  • Submitted XML content can be viewed later

External XML sending program

  • For versions under SAP 6.0, the NAV connection management program

  • It works in both Windows and Linux environments

Implementing unique needs for special business processes

  • The purchased product is in its own competence  can be upgraded, or  Techwave  Hungary T&M consulting is available

Why use our NavLoader™ product?

NavLoader™  Using our product, all invoice data submitted by Hungarian suppliers to the company or group of companies can be downloaded, checked and used as desired in the NAV (Tax Authority) system.

NavLoader™ webinar link

Why use our NavLoader™ product?

  • If you need to change data that does not change the essential data of the account.

  • Many  invoice  is  affected  may  at once  which can be corrected with a document

  • It imposes a large amount of extra administrative burden on the company.

  • It must be submitted to the NAV Online system and taken into account when issuing additional amendment documents. 

  • Standard  SAP  system  such  modifier  bills  no  adjustable  Who.

What is NavCasco™ solution?

A subscription service model that a  TechwaveSAP  NavOnline ™ solution  license users  they can buy themselves a kind of software maintenance service for different durations, the CASCO type  insurance  similar to the usual risk protection.

Task of the NavRator™ solution

Thanks to product development, our NavOnline ™ product family is being expanded with new developments, but a tool was also needed to integrate the systems. This solution cannot be used separately, but is essential for the perfect operation of the product family

Please view our demo and webinar

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