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ProCont™, project management from the Cloud

Numerous market observations and business feedback have demonstrated the need for a solution that helps optimize and control projects that are often run in parallel. This is why a team of experts from Techwave and IFUA has begun to think of a possible tool that can be used by everyone, regardless of their corporate governance system.

Techwave develops the development in the development environment of SAP, one of the world's leading ERP systems, and offers it as a cloud-based solution.

The essence of PROCONT ™ development

The main feature of the Techwave - IFUA development is that it builds on an artificial intelligence-based database in the background based on transactional data created by organizations to support the monitoring and evaluation of future projects using in-depth learning algorithms.

With Procont, managers of businesses and institutions can get a comprehensive view and optimization suggestions about their current projects.

With the solution, Techwave also plans to find international companies, the market preparation of which is partly the task of the current project. In the future, however, in the interests of efficiency, it will make its presence in foreign markets with the help of internationally renowned experts.

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