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Digital Health-Check CX Maturity Assessment

Fast and Comprehensive Health-Check for quick benefits of Customer Experience

The digital customer experience is currently the most important area of digital transformation.

We can point out that market competition is becoming increasingly important in this area, therefore a significant portion of corporate IT strategies and budgets are already focused here.

With this Health-Check, as an assessment approach, you can find out the level of maturity of your current processes and tools compared to the international industry practice, and can get suggestions for the development directions related to the digital customer experience.

Providing a real customer experience, digitization is necessary. What questions do companies face to analyzing processes based on customer experience?

  • Do corporate processes follow an internal organizational logic or your customer's one?

  • Does the company have a written sales, customer onboarding, and customer tracking process?

  • Does the company have metrics and related targets for conversions between sales phases?

  • Does the company measure customer satisfaction throughout the entire customer journey?

  • If so, will your results be used to redesign processes?

  • Does the company exchange information between departments for an optimal and consistent customer experience?

  • Does the company know its customers, broken down into segments and personas?

  • Do you know how it relates to their lives, work and processes?

  • Does the company know what direction the market is heading to serve the customers better?

Digital Health-Check

Through our experts, we aim to review how your Business Processes look like today to make suggestions for exploiting opportunities in the short, medium and long term.

Content & Goals


Measuring the IT status of Companies/Enterprises with a multi-dimensional quick survey, along the processes of the entire business model, in the light of Customer Experience.


Identify the potential development by involving IT tools in the most prudent and gentle way, taking into account all the circumstances.

The essence of our practical approach is to involve internal experts from the beginning of the study, which also greatly simplifies the status assessment and implementation.

The online business model and its IT support in Focus

The goal of Health-Check is

- to explore untapped business opportunities, - to make proposals for the gradual implementation of potential growth, - to win the ‘online champion’ category along with a real customization


Examining the business model and business expectations

o Survey as an external observer

o Recording business processes

o Conducting a process-level comparative analysis (What is now? /What could it be?) Workshop 1. with the involvement of internal decision makers

Submission of questionnaires for in-depth analysis of processes

Assess IT support for business processes

o Exploring current assets

o Finding your industry’s best practices

o Collection and analysis of possible solutions

o Local market analysis / examination of competitors

o Optimal proposal for the steps of the possible modernization

Workshop 2. Presentation of the study

Resource Plan of the Health-Check

Duration and location: Approximately 24 hours, online and / or on-site

Customer expenditure: max. 6 hours / decision maker

Participants: 4-6 IT and business site experts

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