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Techwave EKAER™ solution

Electronic Road Traffic Control System

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How the SAP-EKAER solution works?

Once the user has entered all the data related to the shipment in the appropriate module of the SAP system, the EKAER number request transaction can be initiated online from the SAP-EKAER solution. Immediately after pressing the button initiating the transaction, the answer with the generated EKAER number is received from NAV, it is automatically stored in the SAP system and appears on the given transport document when printed, as required. In addition to the request, it is also possible to modify, delete, close and report EKAER numbers! The solution also handles deliveries with or without transport arrangements.

Business advantages

The software package, which is standard SAP  transport  consists of files, not just  Techwave  Hungary  We have made it available to the customers of Zrt.


New entrants are  You can request a complete price offer in Hungarian and English by filling in the registration fields at the email address or at the bottom of the page.

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our SAP development

Our company makes every effort to ensure that its customers and companies using the SAP system can meet the legal requirements in a timely manner. To this end, we have implemented the necessary improvements on the SAP side, with the help of which the request for the EKAER number can be automated in the case of both sales and import procurement.


The development makes it possible to alleviate the extremely increased administrative burden on the customer side as a result of the provision. As the solution is a purely SAP development, no intermediate steps are required, such as. report generation, manual XML submission, or use of a third party service.

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