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Enterprise Application Service

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Content of the service

  1. Competence center sharing

  2. Customer service  with PCoE certification

  3. Business process support

  4. Software support

  5. Application support

  6. Change management

  7. Education and knowledge management

Features of the service:

At the end of each month, Customer Service reports on the fulfillment of the SLAs in a service level report sent to the customer.


Why use Techwave Hungary customer service?

  • Settlement according to the customer's needs:

        - Fixed monthly fee, or

        - Expense-based packages

  • Support for SAP FI, CO, AM, MM, SD, PP, WM, PM, BI / BO modules

  • PCoE certification

  • Monthly detailed accounts

  • who do not want to employ their own specialists for IT operation, key user or business support of the SAP system,

  • who want to expand their existing professional knowledge,

  • who want to know their business IT securely.

THE  service  users  at the same time  benefit from SAP  Enterprise  Support  benefits  is.  THE  Techwave  Hungary has all the tools and prerequisites that SAP requires for this, so our customers do not need to make the necessary investments on their own.

The following major grants are available through the application support service

  • Key User Support

  • Key user education

  • Incident management

  • Change treatment

  • Legal compliance

  • Business content management

  • Competence center cooperation

Who do we recommend our service to?

Enhanced after January 1, 2009, Enterprise  As part of its support service, SAP provides additional benefits:

  • Extended tracking time

  • Guaranteed response time in high priority cases

  • Direct access in classified cases

  • Quality controls

  • Trainings, educations

All this  however, SAP also imposes conditions on its use.  With these capabilities, the  to the recipient  you need to have the benefits of the service. Examples of such requirements are:

  • Building your own competence center

  • SAP  Solution  Manager Installation, Operation, and Use (a  Solution  Manager is a standalone SAP system to support live systems and with SAP  to keep in touch. There is no separate license fee for this)

  • Contact in English

Competence Center sharing

Do you want to get rid of your company's IT problems?

Many companies have embarked on a development path where SAP systems are now being used to support business processes with an increasingly complex and sophisticated application system architecture.

We often find that the pressure of growing business demands creates a situation where IT can only partially or barely meet expectations. It is also a significant problem that the professional standard of companies' internal IT is stuck at a certain point, because the constant cost-saving constraint distracts resources from the training of IT supporters.


As a by-product of this service, the company gains an IT and competence partner  Techwave  In the “person” of Hungary, who not only helps to carry out the tasks, but also takes care of the “nurturing” of the future.

With strategic consulting linked to the service, you can reap long-term benefits and reap the benefits of the partnership, not only in existing applications, but also in future applications.

Are you about to change? Do you want a fast and cost-effective solution? 

SAP software support

The  SAP software licenses  Upon purchase, Customer also enters into a software maintenance agreement under which it is entitled to use the SAP Software Maintenance Service for an annual ongoing fee.
The question often arises as to what is actually involved in the fee paid and how can it be used?  We will try to give concise answers to these questions below.


As part of its maintenance service, SAP provides support for the continued use of the software in the following main categories:


• Legal compliance (eg  HR module for monthly changes)

• Version tracking

• Repair packages

• Software bugs

Customer Service with PCoE certification

By following ITIL recommendations

Techwave services can be used through our customer service in Hungary. Our customer service is built on adherence to widely used ITIL recommendations.

Techwave Hungary (formerly:  HostLogic) has been consistently compliant with the “SAP Partner Center of Expertise ”(PCoE) certification system, which is audited by SAP at regular intervals, so we have every opportunity to provide the best possible support services for our customers’ SAP systems at all times.


SAP customer service with integrated web interface from notification to case closure  SolutionManager error ticket recording and registration system helps with its associated expense registration system. Our system will automatically assign you to the appropriate expert who will work on your case depending on your priority.

We provide our employees with other trainings that guarantee their continuous professional and personal development. We have “SAP  support  cunsultant ”  with exam staff.


Our colleagues will contact you within 12 hours at one of the contact details you provided.

Thank you for your attention!

Unfortunately, events that hinder or jeopardize business operations can occur at any time.
The continuous operation of the corporate IT system, the quick response to the questions and problems that arise are vital. In fact! Even a short shutdown or malfunction of the system can result in severe business losses.

It is therefore essential to have a team of experts available at all times with a quick response time who can provide the necessary assistance in a timely manner.


THE  Techwave  It can be used through Hungary's customer service  Application support service  provides a fast and customized solution for partially or fully outsourced enterprise IT SAP, from solving technical problems to supporting business processes.


Our colleagues will contact you within 12 hours at one of the contact details you provided.

Thank you for your attention!

We meet often  to face the misunderstanding that “change management” refers to changes in application system settings or enhancements. That's not the point. This is what “change management” is all about  call and treat it as part of our application support service.


The changes  in this case  within the company  mean changes that are taking place. Change management  and organizational, personnel, and process  management of changes caused by decisions.


Our consultants help our clients interpret, identify, and manage these steps by identifying the natural effects of change on both  to both the SAP systems used and their users, and to help overcome performance degradation, information gaps, and temporary process disruptions caused by changes. Our experience will help you avoid the typical pitfalls and business losses that come with them.


If your company is undergoing or undergoing major reorganizations and is using SAP systems and / or related IT solutions, you need our help!


Our colleagues will contact you within 12 hours at one of the contact details you provided.

Thank you for your attention!

The answer is clear in KNOWLEDGE. That is embodied in the minds of the company's professionals and in the documents generated during the processes it operates.

A company for SAP  processes under construction can be well documented, s  using them in a modern way  recyclable. Among the components of SAP, Enterprise is of key importance for knowledge management  Portal as well as SAP e-Learning  the solution of  called  Learning  Solution  (LSO).  


The modern application of these tools now opens up fundamentally new dimensions in the field of knowledge management. The special knowledge of companies with SAP  knowledge of supported processes. Our services include specialized training for key users of enterprise processes, including SAP user knowledge, and for end users upon special request.


If  your company has already experienced the significant problems that a spin-off  we offer you our services!

What to do, what to look for if management wants to reorganize corporate processes?

Business process support

Our related services are included in the analysis of the organizational and operational and IT consequences of business decisions, the elaboration of proposals, the determination of the necessary organizational and change management steps, and the analysis and evaluation of their implementation.


Our consulting services related to the use and modification of processes that do not require changes to SAP systems, but are closely related to them, show the way out of the questions.  from the forest.

If your company has undergone a significant staff change  among SAP users, if young but ambitious managers are not yet able to answer the increasingly ambiguous questions, then you and your company need  our service.

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