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Watch the Techwave webTV broadcasts

Techwave webTV service just started

We would like to give business decision-makers a little help in getting to know the actualities and economic advantages of technology more easily. We see that we can never properly present the values of IT solutions using the language of industry workers, and thus it is an almost impossible mission to convey the appropriate weight of the business benefits to the business.

All broadcasts of Techwave webTV have been planned and edited in such a way that they are easy to consume, easy to understand and short. You can watch it when you're waiting somewhere, but you can also listen to it on the way home in traffic

Let's see the contents of the first 3 broadcasts

Process automation

We tried to formulate everything that is worth understanding about process automation for all business decision-makers as clearly as possible. We had a chat in the Rizmajer beer hall over literally ONE beer.

NAV invoice data downloader

By using our NavLoader™ product, all invoice data submitted by Hungarian suppliers to the NAV system for the company or group of companies can be downloaded, checked, and used as desired.

Customer experience

The first broadcast of the Techwave Business Talkshow follows the meaning of Customer eXperience, or CX for short. We understand what it means, dissect its importance and the impact of available technology. ....

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