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Pubcast, the second act from the Dumaszínház

Many people have difficulty understanding the language of informatics. Representatives and leaders of the business area only hear about technology and there is practically no one to tell them what to choose and what it is for. How it affects their day-to-day work and how each solution will affect business success.

For the purpose, we turned to a specialist and asked Gergely Litkai, a professional jargonist, to help us and those who spoke the language of the business.

What is the Techwave Pubcast about?

Techwave Hungary has launched a series of Pubcast hybrid webinars with the aim of giving each business area a complete picture of the software solutions in its area, through practical examples and a clear understanding of IT capabilities and the impact on business.

We want to do all this in the most understandable way possible.

At the second stop of our series of events, we invited our guests to the Dumas Theater, where Gergely Litkai, a ring humorist from Karinthy, hosted the afternoon.

One by one, the performers are renowned representatives of the business community, who were asked to say in their own style, in their own words, 10-10 minutes of everything they found useful from the IT solutions we offer.

Our topics:

  1. Is it possible to say clearly everything that IT professionals can only in the language of technology?

  2. How can I optimize and automate human billing work?

  3. How can we get the most out of the data we have accumulated at our company and are we able to think about our data on a per-asset basis?

  4. How long is it worth automating our business and internal processes?

  5. What does real company management mean, has a user manual been prepared for our company?

Those who could not come to the Dumas Theater could watch the event live and even later recorded on the Techwave Youtube channel at the link below:

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